Saturday, 23 June 2012

What is Next for Egypt?

International Front for Saving Egypt’s Revolution 

The following is being released by the International Front to Save Egypt's Revolution:

International Front to Save Egypt's Revolution Conference

Who Cares About Egypt's Revolution?

Lessons Learned, Current Challenges, and Future Goals
June 23rd -24th, 2012
Woodbridge, VA

International Front for Saving Egypt's Revolution (IFSER)!/events/313703642050754

Speakers: Adel Iskandar, Sobhi Ghandour, Safei Hamed, Samia Harris, Adel Kebaish & more

2012 Annual Meeting

Prince William Academy School
3480 Commission Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22192.VA

Lessons Learned, Current Challenges, and Future Goals

Primary Issues

1. How can IFSER help in facing the domination & hegemony of SCAF on Egypt?

2. How can IFSER help in confronting the SCAF followers and machine abroad?

3. How can IFSER help in building national unity among Christians & Muslims in Egypt & abroad?

4. How can IFSER help in future development of Egypt?


5. How can IFSER help in achieving the revolution's goals of food, liberty, human dignity, and social justice in Egypt?

6. What should be IFSER's policy on:
The Parliament
The new Constitution.
The internal security apparatus (police, etc.)
The intelligence apparatus
The military establishment
The judiciary reforms
The press and other public mass media

International Front to Save Egypt's Revolution (IFSER)

Dear Fellow Egyptian:

Egyptians abroad have a key responsibility in saving January 25th revolution. Yesterday's ruling to allow General Shafiq to continue as a presidential candidate and to declare that the law which the
current elected parliament is unconstitutional is a major setback. It marks the beginning of a grim era, and as a result, the Egyptian nation is returning to the eve of February 11th, 2011, when Mubarak surrendered his power to his military council.

In brief, the next four years could be the worst in many decades. The International Front to Save the Egyptian Revolution (IFSER) has been established to face this challenge, to work on saving the January 25th revolution, and ensure that a free voice for Egyptians abroad remain loud and clear around the world.

IFSER will coordinate with all political forces inside and outside the country to regain the goals of the January 25th revolution including: Food, Freedom, Social Justice, and Human Rights.

We are calling upon all Egyptians in USA and Canada to join us for the 1st Assembly of Egyptian Americans to save the January 25th revolution. The meeting will be held in Washington, DC. June 23-24, 2012.

CONTACT: Dr. Samia Harris, +1-703-491-1444, +1-703-304-6122,

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