Thursday, 12 July 2012

Launch of New News Network: "Almayadeen- Reality As Is"

Almayadeen is proud to announce it has launched its satellite-based news network on June 11, 2012, targeting Arab and Arabic-speaking audiences, as well as providing some English programming with Arabic subtitles. On its first day of airing, the Almayadeen website received 4 million hits, and viewer base was reported to be considerably higher. The Washington Bureau celebrates this occasion one month after launch to thank the viewers for their unsurpassed loyalty and support.

Almayadeen is an independent network of professional journalists committed to providing news, multiple viewpoints, and accurate information to the intended audience. It is not affiliated with, beholden to, or funded by any political party, ideological group, religious entity or government. Its income is derived solely from private investors who are devoted to its mission.

The title, Mayadeen, references the initial massive popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia where Tahrir Square (or Maydan – singular for "square" in Arabic) became a household name. Public squares, as a forum of free and unfiltered expression, motivated the network's birth, dedication of its team, and clarity of purpose.

Almayadeen is registered in the United Kingdom, with broadcasting studios in Beirut, and maintains a network of regional and international bureaus and correspondents. Almayadeen promotes tolerance and acceptance, respect for people's right to disagree; opposes all forms of extremism, defamation and acts of terrorism; and intends to be a vehicle for lively debates and understanding among peoples and nations throughout the world.
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