Friday, 7 September 2012

Toxic Fracking Waste and Its Links To Earthquakes, Spills, And Leaks: Concerned Citizens Rally Nationwide To Protect Public Health And Drinking Water

Frackfree America National Coalition

In an event titled "Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day," to be held on September 12, 2012, a national coalition of local coordinators and groups in communities across America will hold simultaneous rallies throughout the day to shine light on the numerous problems associated with toxic fracking waste and its disposal and transport, including its links to earthquakes, spills, leaks, and contamination.

The rally is being organized by Frackfree America National Coalition ( and NEOGAP (Network for Oil & Gas Accountability & Protection, to help raise national awareness of serious risks to public health and safety and drinking water sources posed by the oil and gas industry's continual creation of billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste that must be "disposed of" somewhere.

"The disposal, handling, and transport of enormous amounts of toxic fracking waste is a concern for all states. Where will the waste go? No one is sufficiently safeguarding our air quality and drinking water sources and the public health and safety. Governor Cuomo is now considering whether to lift New York's hydrofracking moratorium despite having no good plan for disposing of fracking waste that would be created if fracking is allowed. Fracking and related processes cannot be safely done with the technology as it stands today. No amount of regulation can make it safe," said Susie Beiersdorfer of Frackfree America National Coalition.

"We can't let government and industry permit injection wells in our communities in the face of such large local opposition to the wells. Reports of serious adverse health effects are being ignored. To me this shows an unacceptable disregard of public health and safety issues," said Vanessa Pesec of NEOGAP.

So far, rallies are being planned in Alabama, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota.

Rally organizers say there is still time for other concerned citizens nationwide to sign-up to create or join a rally in their own locality at this link:

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