Saturday, 6 October 2012

Members of European Parliament Condemn Lt. Gen. Brar's Stabbing in London

South Asia Peace Forum

Today Members of South Asia Peace Forum (SAPF) in the European parliament condemned the brutal attack on retired Lieutenant General Kuldeep Singh Brar in which he was stabbed and injured in London.

Gen. Kuldeep Singh led Operation Blue Star against Khalistani terrorists holed up inside the Golden Temple, India in 1984.

While referring to the news, they said three bearded men assaulted General Brar, 78, outside his hotel and stabbed him with a knife.

They said that the incident made it clear that there was an imperative need for the British Government to curb the activities of Khalistani groups which continued to adhere to violence.

It was also essential for the British Government to monitor the funds collected at Gurdwaras which were used by these groups. The pro Khalistan groups were using FM radio and cable TV to propagate their views and to indoctrinate the younger generation with an ideology that was known to have been responsible for the mayhem and violence witnessed in Indian Punjab in the 1980's.

The South Asia Peace Forum called on the British Government to take immediate steps to ensure that there was no repeat of such incidents where those who fought terrorism were violently targeted by the proponents of Khalistan.

The failure of the British government to act would only lead to more violence and terrorist incidents in the United Kingdom.

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