Saturday, 18 May 2013

Investigate the Investigators of Bucks County Sheriff's Dept ?

Sheriff Candidate Tom Lingenfelter

Tom Lingenfelter, former Top Secret Special Agent for Counter-intelligence and the only GOP Primary Election opponent of the Bucks County Sheriff, Edward "Duke" Donnelly believes it is time for an investigation of the investigators.

The on-going investigation of the Sheriffs office follows the conviction of several long-time Bucks County office holders. The investigation of the Sheriff's Dept. was transferred by the Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler to the State Attorney General. Heckler stated that he withdrew himself because he had campaigned with Sheriff Donnelly in the past. This despite the fact he prosecuted the convicted long-term office holders with whom he shared the party ticket several times in the past 30 years.

Reported: Courier Times May 22, 2011: "The State Attorney General's Office will handle the investigation into alleged misconduct in the Bucks County Sheriff's Department, District Attorney Dave Heckler confirmed Friday.

Heckler declined to discuss details of the allegations, but said he asked the AG to step-in to avoid a possible conflict of interest. The hand-off comes after a county grand jury was convened to begin the probe....

Heckler has been called to investigate other county officials in recent months and has not stepped aside...."

Posted January 23, 2013: Dismissed sheriff deputies allege corruption in federal suit.

"Two former Bucks County sheriff deputies who lost their jobs after the arrest of a department sergeant, filed suit in federal court alleging corruption and seeking whistleblower status.....also alleging that deputies were required to assist in Bucks County Sheriff Edward "Duke" Donnelley's re-election campaign, place political signs throughout the county, attend parades and hand-out campaign materials...."

Lingenfelter said "I believe two years for an investigation is long enough and the voters have a right to know the who, what, where, why, and when before the election, not afterward, if ever! Where there is this much smoke there must be fire."

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