Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rainbow Sash Movement: Why is Cardinal George (Chicago) afraid to engage in a Public Debate on Illinois Gay Marriage

As we continue on the Road to Gay Marriage in Illinois some people in the religious world are stunned with the growing normalization of homosexuality, and acceptance of Gay Marriage in our culture. Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) said "Within my lifetime the shift has been dramatic going from a place of being taboo and universally condemned to a place of socio political cultural acceptance. This dramatic shift is most clearly seen within the younger generation."

This fall Illinois will once again become the battlefield for Gay Marriage with Cardinal Francis George leading the opposition. So why is the Cardinal afraid to debate Joe Murray on the issue at the Center on Halsted this fall? It is unbecoming of the Prince of the Church to take cheap shots at Gay Marriage without any ability for the opposition to respond in publicized debate. Pope Francis says he will not judge LGBT people is the Cardinal up to following the Pope's lead?

Compassion without solidarity is a meaningless gesture in the Catholic Church and the Cardinal should be aware of that. He should follow Pope Francis example and not be afraid to change his tone and style. He is not being asked to agree with the Rainbow Sash Movement on Gay Marriage, but rather engage in a public debate that will rely on facts and reasons and not name calling.

It is time for the Cardinal to stop hiding in his Gold Coast residence on this matter and come out and debate Gay Marriage in a mature and respectful manner.

SOURCE Rainbow Sash Movement

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