Tuesday, 12 November 2013

GMO labeling: Fishy Food Cars Announce 6,000 Mile Tri-Coastal Tour

GMO labeling activists set out today on a cross-country 6,083-mile journey from Seattle to New York City for the "Are We Eating Fishy Food? Tri-Coastal Tour." The tour features five mutant GMO art cars fitted with 300-pound roof-mounted sculptures that call attention to the need for labeling genetically engineered (GMO) food. The tour will raise awareness for the continued need to label genetically modified foods.

"The Fishy Food art car fleet's cross-country swim from Seattle to New York will get people talking about the importance of GMO labeling to reduce public exposure to toxic weed killer," says David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, whose company supported the creation of the art cars.

"People want healthier food than what GMO food has to offer," says Rica Madrid, coordinator of the Are We Eating Fishy Food? Tour. "You can measure the impact these educational vehicles have by the reaction and excitement they generate and the large number of shares we see in social media," says Madrid.

Genetic Engineering means more herbicide. Chemical companies genetically engineer DNA from bacteria into food crops to either produce or tolerate the chemicals they sell. Overuse of pesticide creates resistant superweeds and superbugs, which leads to increased chemical application

Currently 64 countries—EU nations, China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa included—require labeling of GMOs.

Origins of the FishyFood Cars

In 2011 "Poppy," aka Fishy Corn Car became a fabulously popular mascot of GMO labeling activism. In 2013, artist Cesar Maxit followed up on this enthusiasm by building a fleet of fishy food cars including Fishy Sugar Beet aka "Rooty," Fishy Apple aka "Goldie," Fishy Soy aka "Soja Girl," and, most recently, Fishy Tomato aka "K-Sup." Collectively, the cars have been driven over 120,000 miles raising awareness for GMO labeling.


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