Friday, 21 March 2014

Poem: South Sudan Not a Battleground


South Sudan is our homeland, not a battle ground
The motherland of our children, the leaders of tomorrow
The land of our pride, our home South Sudan

We dream about our homeland awake or asleep
Proud mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends we are
Seeing our home harvest fruits of peace & harmony
Watch with pride our children grow in truth

To plan for a better tomorrow with confidence
Not to worry about a system of zone defense
We go to the hospital when in labor or ill
Our kids go to school without fear of being killed
On the way to and at school

We travel places without fear of ambush
Oh no, ambush is not for this land
This land of ours is liberated by the blood and sacrifices of our kin
By the family life that we did not get to enjoy
The heroes and heroines sacrificed for a legacy of peace not war

We took refuge in a land far faraway,
We forgot home not in any way
We came back equipped to rebuild our homeland
Together as one at home

Our leaders, our people, don’t crash these dreams
We want to spent nights in our tukuls with the children
To rebuild our homeland, together WE CHOOSE PEACE

By Amy Atim Wondu Longa
South Sudan Women United

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