Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Series of Videos Documenting Alleged Extortion and Corruption in New Hampshire to be Released

The following statement is being issued by on behalf of Michael Gill:
Over the last few months, Michael Gill has published several videos documenting his experiences with alleged corruption, extortion and organized crime in the State of New Hampshire.  

Mr. Gill has created a new video, the first in a series of videos, that he is planning to release to the public over the next few weeks.  These videos will take the public "behind the curtain" of the alleged corruption and expose the lengths that these politicians, judges and attorneys will go to in order to cover up the crimes Mr. Gill contends they have committed.

The primary focus of these videos and the State of Corruption Website is for the citizens of New Hampshire to better understand the impact that these actions have on the entire State.

SOURCE State of Corruption

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