Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Statement from Crow Tribe in support of settlement payments and Land Buy-Back bill

The Crow Tribe applauds Sen. John Walsh and Rep. Peter DeFazio for introducing a bill that would expedite the remaining Cobell settlement payments to individual Indians and transfer more functions relating to the Land Buy-Back Program from the federal government to tribes.

One year ago, leaders from the Montana and Wyoming tribes met with Interior Department officials in Billings to express our concerns about the lack of transparency and the bureaucratic foot-dragging that have prevented our tribal citizens from receiving their due compensation.  We were also concerned that the Interior Department, rather than tribal governments, was controlling the process for educating our citizens and determining which lands could be purchased under the new Land Buy-Back Program.  I am thankful that some members of Congress heard our voices and took action to introduce legislation necessary to address these problems.  This bill should help make the Land Buy-Back Program a tribally driven process and transfer more of the functions to the local level, to people who understand the tribal communities.  

SOURCE Crow Tribe

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