Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Embassy of Sudan: Mariam is free to leave Sudan, she just has to do it legally

The Court of Appeal in Northern Khartoum overruled the primary court verdict regarding the convicted Abrar Hadi Mohammed Abdullah (Meriam Ibrahim) and ordered her release after the pleadings submitted by her defense. With such a highly anticipated outcome of a case that has been misused by many to smear Sudan, Sudan's justice system deserves the utmost respect and recognition.

Once again, the people of Sudan represented in their judicial system have proven to the world that they possess the wisdom, tolerance, and a just system that protects human rights and beliefs.

It is regrettable and disturbing that some elements attempted to bring Mariam to U.S by issuing her an entry visa on a fraudulent travelling document obtained from a foreign country (for a woman the whole world knows is a Sudanese national). That is inexcusable and unnecessary violations for all laws and regulations including US ones. The same legal system that protects her right and secures her freedom is capable of guaranteeing her right to leave the country whenever the legal procedure comes to an end.

The Embassy of Sudan in Washington, D.C. reiterates its gratitude and appreciation to all of the officials, law makers, religious leaders, civil society organizations, media, and the rest of the public who has shared their concern and sympathy on this important matter. The embassy will remain hopeful that such good spirit in cooperation and consultation will continue.

SOURCE Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan


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