Thursday, 12 June 2014

The No Swiss FIFA Movement Has Begun Goes Live, A new global grass roots movement to move FIFA out of Switzerland to a more transparent country has begun, with a goal of a million signatures on their petition and a website to blog and link news stories.

For the first time, the world's biggest sport, fans, citizens and netizens have a blog site to band together, expose alleged corruption, sign the world's largest sporting petition, and focus on the allegations that FIFA took tax payer money for a corrupt bidding process and should be subject to the same foreign corruption and money laundering laws as the rest of us, as businesses and individuals. The site aims to expose by whistle blowers, both public and anonymous, and protect sources and expose alleged corrupt actions, transactions, scams and schemes of an integrated web, hidden behind the Swiss sport governing non-profit and Swiss secrecy banking laws used to protect FIFA elites, bankers, offshore companies, mystery consulting firms, Trust companies, asset managers and government officials.

The site has a petition to push FIFA to move and reorganize. The goal is to sign at least one million signatures, and the petition will be presented to public and political institutions, sponsors, NGO's and the World Court with a goal of forcing real change at FIFA.

Watch and read the news links, that tell the story of alleged discrimination, sexism, secret committees and millions spent by governments blinded by corrupt insiders and their personal interest, commissions, kickbacks that result in alleged slave labor and unsafe working conditions, all in the name of the sport.
The No Swiss FIFA blog will explain and update why and how FIFA seems to operate with impunity, and why no government has forced FIFA to disclose financial information. Allegedly, governments have spent tax payer money in the hundreds of millions in upfront fees, and billions on construction contracts for sporting venues.

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