Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Adamescu Family: International Community Must Call On Romania To Release Political Prisoner Dan Adamescu

The following statement is being released by the Adamescu Family:

The Romanian courts Thursday rejected the appeal against the refusal to release a prominent – and extremely ill – businessman from house arrest.

Dan Adamescu is a victim of the judicial system. Serious flaws and irregularities in both procedure and the application of the law characterize this case. He has been accused of financing opposition activities and of conspiring with former President Basescu, both of which are untrue. The case against Adamescu is based on false allegations and unreliable testimony. Among many business ventures, Adamescu owns a thriving independent newspaper, which has made the current Romanian government feel threatened. Adamescu has been a positive force in Romania, and action is mandatory to pressure the Romanian government to release its unjustly held prisoner.

While a prisoner of Romania, Adamescu's health is quickly deteriorating. He suffers from numerous chronic health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes and problems of the heart, thyroid and pituitary gland, and liver. Dr. Alexander Rosak, a German physician who offered expert testimony before the Romanian courts said that in such health, Adamescu would not be suited to detention in Romania

Dr. Rosak said: "The resulting conclusion is that for this severely injured and sick patient, pretrial detention leads to an incalculable additional detriment to the condition of health."

Dan Adamescu was first arrested by the Romanian government in June 2014 on falsified bribery charges. He was remanded without bail for three months, despite the availability of less harsh terms of detention. He was then placed on house arrest.

The 24 September hearing came with unsurprising results: The Romanian government continues to hold Adamescu political prisoner. The international community must call upon the Romanian government to release Adamescu.

SOURCE Adamescu Family

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