Wednesday, 28 January 2015

IFAW responds to the U.S. decision to open Artic and Atlantic areas for oil and gas development

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management today released its draft five-year program for oil and gas development on the Outer Continental Shelf. The plan includes leasing parts of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans where marine habitats, which have largely been off-limits to offshore drilling, will now be subjected to seismic deafening airgun use during the exploratory phase, as well as be at risk of disastrous oil spills, once development gets underway.

Margaret Cooney, IFAW Program Officer said: "President Obama's executive action putting some of the Arctic's most sensitive areas off limits, is a step in the right direction, but the best decision would be to not open these areas to development, period."

Cooney added: "Breeding and calving grounds for the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale are located solidly within the Atlantic leasing area. With so few individuals left, the loss of even one Right whale could have a severe impact on the overall population."

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SOURCE International Fund for Animal Welfare

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