Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fact Check Argentina Releases Interactive Graphic on President Kirchner's Kickback Crew

Today, Fact Check Argentina, a project of the American Task Force Argentina, launched an interactive infographic, "The Kirchner Kickback Crew."

ATFA's new infographic details the monthly payments four Argentine business elites make to President Cristina Kirchner and her son Máximo Kirchner in return for government benefits and privileges.

The graphic lists construction moguls Lázaro Báez and Silvana Relats, media magnate Cristóbal López, Argentine businessman Ernesto Clarens, all of whom pay the Kirchner family tens or hundreds of thousands in dollars or pesos every month.

This kickback scheme has been getting notice: Last week, Clarin reported that Kirchner pal Cristóbal López, a recipient of numerous gaming and energy concessions from the Argentine government, has been renting a hotel to a company controlled by Máximo Kirchner for just $15,000 per month. Clarin reports that this figure is similar to what one would pay "to rent an apartment of about three rooms or more." But for the bargain basement price of $15,000 per month, Max Kirchner now has a 60 room hotel located on three acres of "fascinating geography" on the shores of Lake Gutierrez in Rio Negro province.

As part of ATFA's new interactive graphic, viewers are able to learn more about the relationship between the Kirchners and each of the featured members of their "Kickback Crew," including details about the monthly payments of dollars and pesos made to the Kirchners.

"The Kirchner Kickback Crew" infographic is our latest addition to ATFA's "Follow the Money" campaign.

The infographic and more information can be found at

About the American Task Force Argentina: The American Task Force Argentina (ATFA) is an alliance of organizations united for a just and fair reconciliation of the Argentine government's 2001 debt default and subsequent restructuring. Our members work with lawmakers, the media, and other interested parties to encourage the United States government to vigorously pursue a negotiated settlement with the Argentine government in the interests of American stakeholders.

SOURCE American Task Force Argentina