Friday, 8 May 2015

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Back in January 2012, I made the decision to stop blogging on May 8th, 2015 - exactly ten years after, i On Global Trends was first published.
"Let's Hear You!" was intended as a "sister" blog to IOGT, which means this blog will no longer be published.
I would like to thank readers and contributors, for their support over the years.
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"Jihad Intel" Launched by the Middle East Forum

The Middle East Forum announces Jihad Intel, a project to provide U.S. law enforcement with detailed information on violent Islamist groups.

Jihad Intel,, gives police tools to identify terrorists acting on behalf of Islam and to connect the dots before a terrorist incident takes place.

Not only does the FBI admit that the threat of ISIS attacks in the West is "not even close to being under control," but there are hundreds more jihadi organizations, with new ones forming continually. Most are active on social media, recruiting globally.

Each has its own identifying symbols. So, in response, Jihad Intel has established a public, gratis database of visual identifiers of over 125 Islamic terrorist groups – hundreds of emblems, flags, headbands, graffiti, propaganda, social media tags and other symbols used to incite Muslims to violence – with new groups and identifiers added continually.

Jihad Intel also provides background information on each terrorist organization, including a list of Western countries which have designated the organization as terrorist.

Law Enforcement and interested citizens are encouraged to join a gratis mailing list to receive intelligence bulletins on jihadist threats and information about future training seminars.

This effort also responds to the Obama administration's removal of references to Islam from law enforcement and national security training materials. "Political correctness impedes law enforcement," notes Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, "but we empower the police to safeguard Americans from jihadis."

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi serves as Jihad Intel's research fellow. Fluent in Arabic, he has become the go-to source for intelligence on jihadists in Syria, Iraq and beyond. He recently testified before the House of Commons Defence Committee (UK). Major media sources have cited, quoted or interviewed Al-Tamimi more than a hundred times over the past year – including eight times by the Washington Post.

The Middle East Forum promotes American interests through intellectual, activist and philanthropic efforts.

SOURCE Middle East Forum


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fact Check Argentina Releases Interactive Graphic on President Kirchner's Kickback Crew

Today, Fact Check Argentina, a project of the American Task Force Argentina, launched an interactive infographic, "The Kirchner Kickback Crew."

ATFA's new infographic details the monthly payments four Argentine business elites make to President Cristina Kirchner and her son Máximo Kirchner in return for government benefits and privileges.

The graphic lists construction moguls Lázaro Báez and Silvana Relats, media magnate Cristóbal López, Argentine businessman Ernesto Clarens, all of whom pay the Kirchner family tens or hundreds of thousands in dollars or pesos every month.

This kickback scheme has been getting notice: Last week, Clarin reported that Kirchner pal Cristóbal López, a recipient of numerous gaming and energy concessions from the Argentine government, has been renting a hotel to a company controlled by Máximo Kirchner for just $15,000 per month. Clarin reports that this figure is similar to what one would pay "to rent an apartment of about three rooms or more." But for the bargain basement price of $15,000 per month, Max Kirchner now has a 60 room hotel located on three acres of "fascinating geography" on the shores of Lake Gutierrez in Rio Negro province.

As part of ATFA's new interactive graphic, viewers are able to learn more about the relationship between the Kirchners and each of the featured members of their "Kickback Crew," including details about the monthly payments of dollars and pesos made to the Kirchners.

"The Kirchner Kickback Crew" infographic is our latest addition to ATFA's "Follow the Money" campaign.

The infographic and more information can be found at

About the American Task Force Argentina: The American Task Force Argentina (ATFA) is an alliance of organizations united for a just and fair reconciliation of the Argentine government's 2001 debt default and subsequent restructuring. Our members work with lawmakers, the media, and other interested parties to encourage the United States government to vigorously pursue a negotiated settlement with the Argentine government in the interests of American stakeholders.

SOURCE American Task Force Argentina

Friday, 1 May 2015

Toxic Chemicals in Clothing, Cookware, Food Packaging and Other Everyday Products

"Stain-resistant, Nonstick, Waterproof and Lethal" is how journalist Callie Lyons refers to a chemical called C8 found in the bodies of nearly all humans and animals on the planet. Exposure is linked to a wide range of health problems including cancer, liver malfunction, hypothyroidism, obesity, ulcerative colitis, and decreased immune response to vaccines in children.

Over 200 scientists from 38 countries have reached consensus: the entire class of highly fluorinated chemicals such as C8 (also known as PFCs or PFASs) is extremely persistent, potentially toxic, and should be replaced with safer alternatives. The Madrid Statement documenting this scientific consensus was published today in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Highly fluorinated chemicals can make consumer products stain-resistant, nonstick, or waterproof. They are used for instance in outdoor and fashion clothing, carpets, furniture, cookware, food contact paper, and some cosmetics.

"Must our population be the guinea pigs to determine if similar chemicals are as harmful as C8?" asked Arlene Blum, PhD, Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute and first author of the Madrid Statement. "Before adding any fluorinated chemicals to consumer products we should ask whether we really need them. Or can the same function be achieved with a safer solution?"

Highly fluorinated chemicals can persist for thousands of years in the environment, which means that many future generations will continue to be exposed via contaminated water, air, and food. These chemicals are now found deep in the ocean, on mountains tops, and in nearly all living creatures.

"Every second, highly fluorinated chemicals are leaching out of the clothing, carpets, and food packaging we use everyday," said Arturo Garcia-Costas of The New York Community Trust, a major funder for the Green Science Policy Institute's work on reducing the use of classes of harmful chemicals. "Once these extremely persistent toxic chemicals make their way out of these products and into our bodies and the environment, there is no going back. Classes of chemicals like this should be proven safe before they're used in consumer products."

For more information, visit

SOURCE Green Science Policy Institute

Saturday, 25 April 2015

BomBaebs Of Mumbai Join VProud As Contributing Editors Promoting Women's Rights In India

VProud, a recently launched video-based social network for women, today announced a partnership with the Indian female slam poetry duo, BomBaebs. The artists, Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi, are currently based in Mumbai.

BomBaebs slam poetry video "#RapAgainstRape," a powerful and unapologetic denouncement of rape culture in India, recently became a viral hit and has been viewed over 1 million times. They followed it up with a single called "Echoes of Pain," featuring Sri Lankan American rapper, DeLon, released on April 15th.
Like VProud, BomBaebs are passionate about empowering women to use their voices as loudly as they can to combat gender-based violence and discrimination.  Their use of video to bolster the conversation around sexual violence aligns with VProud's mission to provide women a safe space to discuss sensitive topics, free of hate speech and harassment. Using both original and co-produced video conversation starters, BomBaebs will spark global dialogue to bring awareness to issues that women in developing countries are facing like lack of girls education, domestic violence, and gender equality. 

"BomBaebs embodies everything we value at VProud – creativity, bravery, honesty, and expressing their messages through video," said VProud founder, Karen Cahn. "We are committed to supporting the global female creative economy in video, especially feminists with inspiring, powerful messages to share."
"Aligning with the trailblazing women of VProud is a true delight and honour," said Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi of BomBaebs. "Magnificence is created and permeates through society when strong women unite and champion each others' endeavors. BomBaebs are grateful to VProud for their unwavering support and for giving them the exciting opportunity of engaging with female thought-leaders globally, on a safe and secure platform, free from trolls."

Full participation in the conversations with BomBaebs is available on, and videos are viewable on Vessel, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.